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the radio free roscoe roleplay

Radio Free Roscoe ROLEPLAY!
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to RFR RP, a RFR roleplaying community. The rules are quite simple...

1.No really bad swearing. Stuff like ass and hell is ok, but not the f word or b word.Let's keep it PG-13, kay?
2.No spam.
3.If you want to join, I need to approve. All I ask is for you to post your regular lj username, your character's lj username, the character YOU WANT (make sure it's available), and a AIM account. Yes, a AIM account IS required. To make sure you read this, also post your favorite color.
4.Rules for posting are as follows....
-IN CHARACTER! If you need to say something out of character, PLEASE make sure you let us know you are out of character, and say ooc.
-No dissing anyone, or badmouthing someone. If you want to do that, post it in your journal
5.Update the journal often! I ask for 1 time a week AT LEAST. It's awesome if you can do more!
6.If you can, please promote this community. It is really important we get everyone we need.
7.Please comment on everyone's journals.At least 2 times a week!

And that's all! So please enjoy and have fun RPing!

((by the way, I'm your friendly mod,Steph.I play Grace in this rp!Check the list to see what characters are open!Also, the headers and buttons were made by tuned_in!))


Lily Randall: TAKEN
LJ username: shday_layne
AIM: musikbabe08

Robbie McGrath: OPEN
LJ username:

Ray Brennan: TAKEN
LJ username: confused_ray
AIM: crazy4flipz

Travis Strong: OPEN
LJ username:

Parker: TAKEN
LJ username:xparkerposerx

Kim Carlisie: OPEN
LJ username:

Grace: TAKEN
LJ username: grace_girl_65
AIM: GraceRox65

River Pierce: OPEN
LJ username:

Bridget: TAKEN
LJ username:x_bridget_



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